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Have you ever watched The Shining? If you haven't you've undoubtedly heard stories of it, or at least know "Here's Johnny!!" Well, if you've seen it the creepiest scene ever (I'm talking creepy now, not shock or scare factor) is the twin girls in the hallway. There's just something about children in creepy scenes isn't there? I cant be the only one. Pet Semetary is equally as creepy with the "Come and play with me daddy."
With that said my girls can be pretty creepy sometimes. Now before you get all "Oh Erik how could you say that!" hear me out.
It was a dark and stormy night. Actually it wasn't at all, it was around 10:30 pm and the weather was okay, but if it had been dark and stormy this story would have been so much better!
I was sitting on the couch watching some television when I heard the ominous scurry of some creature (or another way of saying it would be: "Hey Lily's running!"). I turn around and see Lily flashing like a lightning bolt to the kitchen. She then turns around and says as fast as she can "DaddyIneedtogopotty!"
Bewildered I mumble "Uh, go potty?"
Lily heads off to the bathroom and I walk back to my spot on the couch and try and decide if I should even attempt to figure out what just happened. A couple of minutes later I feel the icy stare of death at my back. I turn around and find my oldest daughter Anna staring at me... WITH HER EYES CLOSED!!
In one fel swoop Lily's odd race to the bathroom (I forgot to mention that the bathroom is the opposite way from our kitchen) and Anna's eyeless stare compounded to become ultra creepy. 
Before I had a chance to think about it I ask Anna what she's doing. Anna was sleepwalking and she wakes up and wearily explains something about unicorns and a worm and then goes to bed. I decide it's time to check on Lily who is still on the toilet and as I ask her how she's doing I realize she's sleepwalking too!
Simultaneous sleepwalking is crazy creepy. 
I am now terrified to be alone in our living room after the girls go to sleep.
I am paranoid for the day when I look down the hall and hear my girls say in unison "Come and play with us Daddy." Which any other time that would be great, I love playing with my kids. Just not creepy kids. Don't be creepy girls!


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  1. I am so laughing haha when Michelle was little if she would have a high fever she would see things. Totally creeper me out too it doesn't help when I watched every scary show o could imagine. You brought back memories for me. Lol