Pandas and Monsters and Daddy! Oh my!

There have been some things as a parent that I've been totally unprepared for. One of them being nightmares. Within the past month Jack and Lily have both experienced their first nightmares and in doing so made sure Jes and I were made totally aware of it.
Jack was the first to have his dream. Apparently a panda opened his window, climbed onto his dresser and jumped around his room. Obviously this panda was evil and out to get Jack.
Lily woke us up at about three in the morning screaming in her unique way about a monster. The monster "petted" her like the kitty cat... What?!
The thing I wasn't prepared for isn't the nightmares, obviously we all experience these. The thing that I wasn't prepared for is trying to explain to a two year old what a dream is. Trying to explain a dream is one thing, but I can't say I'm a great teacher at three AM either. Here is a sample of the conversation between Lily and I.
Me: "But Lily there are no monsters."
Lily: "The monster pet me daddy."
Me: "It was a dream Lily, it was in your head."
Lily: "In my head? Like my hair?"
Whatever I told her must of helped, because she did go back to sleep. Jack's conversation about dreams went a little better, but at his age doubt that daddy was right was definitely present. He still talks about that panda from time to time.
Pure EVIL!!!

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