Breaking a room

Greetings from a father at his wits end! Yet another post featuring Lily. I can not hold her entirely accountable however, as Anna had her small, mischievous hands in the deed as well.
The gruesome tale begins with a trip to my families hometown. We were visiting family on the weekend, and as my sister had recently moved back home we were fortunate (at the time) to have her families home offered to us for a night. My sisters family was visiting her husband's family out of town so we had the whole house to ourselves. For a family such as mine an offer like that is bliss.
We decided to put Jack and Max in my nephew's room, and Anna and Lily in my niece's room.
The police report (not really, just for dramatics) stated that my wife had checked on the kids twice before she went to bed. I checked on the kids a little after midnight as I got back home from visiting with friends.
All was well.
My wife got up first. She made her rounds and checked on the kids with an ear to the door as not to wake them. I was up about twenty minutes later. I did not put an ear to the door however. I decided on the girls first and as I opened the door my mind EXPLODED. I have tried and tried to convey to friends and family the scene that I walked into but whatever I can say does not come close to the destruction these two little girls wrought. I apologize that I did not think to take a picture of the madness, I was not thinking at all actually...
The day before the room had been spotless, cleaned to their cousins girly cuteness in every way. Now... now it looked like there had been a robbery. No I take that back, not a robbery as there would have been a purpose to the destruction. This was a lesson the mob would have sent someone. Everything that had a place was now out of it. A white bookshelf was barren of its books and small collection of keepsakes. a dresser was unpacked of its clothes and nick-knacks. There was no inch of carpet showing, just a wash of impending doom and sadness.
When I opened the door Anna was asleep in the bed with the evidence spread around her. Lily on the other hand was out of her play-pen, dancing at the foot of the bed having the time of her life. My niece crochets and the girls took her yarn and made a web worthy of any spider. They took a ceramic Canadian goose and broke it as I imagine it seemed like the thing to do. The biggest shocker came when I discovered the tea set my niece's grandmother had given her broken. The tea set was on a shelf about eight feet off the ground with a shelf below it and a table underneath that. I would almost put my two year old in an alpine climbing class, but for the fact after witnessing such destruction from her, I would fear for her climbing partners safety.
I am leaving things out that were burned out of my brain for shock, but I feel you get the picture.
Pray for my wife and I... we're afraid to sleep.

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