Happy Mother's Day!

I would be completely out of my mind if I did not thank my wife for being the mother she is to my children. Without Jes I would be completely insane, bald (not naturally), and quite honestly the kids would have chewed me up and spit me out by now. But it is not so, and God has blessed me with a wife who is an amazing person which can be seen through almost all of our children. That is why I regret to say that today was not a good day for her.
This morning we woke up and after we had our caffeine entered the girls room. It was horrible. Lily had gotten out of her crib, stripped naked and poo'd all over her and Anna's room. After we had cleaned the mess up we rushed out the door to church, which we were late for. And about three blocks from the church Jack started wailing and announced he had indeed poo'd his pants. I dropped my wife off at the church and then cleaned up the damage. The rest of the day was... ehh. And then Anna finished it up by screaming for forty minutes when she went to bed.
So Happy Mother's Day to my wife. I wish I could reflect on all the wonderful things that happened and say "you deserved it!", but I honestly wouldn't wish today on my worst enemy...

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  1. Hi! I read "Ramblings of a Wife and Mommy" by Jessica. I have complete and total sympathy for your Mother's Day. While mine was slightly better simply because we were visiting my parents 4 hours away from us for the weekend. And, both sets of my grandparents were there as well (I hadn't seen one set in 4 years and the other for 2 years). The sweet company was worth the hassle of staying in a Super 8 motel room with three toddlers and the messed up naptimes but we had to come home Mother's Day evening which resulted in about 2 hours of the trip wishing I had earplugs with me from the screaming and wailing. I spent at least an hour with my arm bent directly behind me to hold the baby's hand. This morning I went to get the boys (ages just turned 4 and almost 3) and found their room completely covered in poo. Cleaning walls, windows, toys, and carpet covered in poo is an awful way to begin a day. So a cyber hug goes out to my fellow poo cleaning friends.