Public Enemy Number One and Top Tens

There are unexpected effects to any situation. Some are good, some bad, some are just plain weird. One of the  annoying things that comes along with having four children and those children being so close together is other people. Mainly those other people's reactions. The "Oh! You've got your hands full there." and "I bet you're busy!", but the cour de gras is "You guys know how that happens right?". Really!? Now I know people are just trying to either make small talk, or be funny, but I have to say get some new material. If you're stuck on those particular phrases try them in different situations like I don't know, public bathrooms. Once it passes there and no one gets upset or looks at you like your insane then use it on families. But enough of my ranting. I will change the tone of this post by leaving you with a list of unexpected perks from having four children.
1. We always have a valid excuse for the house being dirty.
2. I get to watch cartoons without my wife judging me (well without her openly judging me...).
3. I am absolutely never ever bored.
4. I enjoy the time between their bedtime and mine so much more.
5.There is always a game of "Where did they hide it this time" to play.
6. I have a mass applause on your entry home from work (my favorite).
7. My ice cream intake had quadrupled.
8. Four people in this world think that I am a genius (this is a temporary effect I am told).
9. Date nights are a million times more awesome (probably because they come once every month or two).
10. I can get a free massage by lying on the floor and letting my kids walk on me (don't knock it till you've tried it!).


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