Survival of the Liliest

If you've read my last post about Anna you know we've been having some problems around here. One of those problems was that Lily had learned to climb out of her crib. One of the saddest and most hilarious things I have ever witness has come out of this.
We put the girls to bed last night and I am happy to report Anna is doing better, not completely, but manageable at least. Now we have a battle to keep both girls in their beds, with Anna responding after a couple of trips into the bedroom and Lily not obeying at all.
After several check-ins with the girls last night I made my final one before my wife and I went to bed. What I saw was too much. Upon walking in I saw Anna straight away on the floor sound asleep looking like she'd just fallen from a ten-story building. Lily however was no where to be found. I checked all the usual places, behind their glider, in the closet, and underneath her crib. She was nowhere. I then looked into Anna's crib and sleeping soundly and perfectly on Anna's pillow, underneath Anna's sheets was Lily. She had forced Anna out of her bed and had taken it for herself. The scene literally looked like Lily had lifted Anna out of her bed and thrown her to the ground, then settled in for the sweet sleep of a job well done. I would say Lily's theme song is  George Thorogood's Bad to the Bone, but I really think she's surpassed that. Lily has taken things to a whole new level. If she starts peeing for territory my fear will also reach a whole new level, but then again she is two so who knows...

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