I have the scream that goes to The Scream

I hear voices all the time... four to be exact. God's blessed me by making me crazy, that's all there is to it. Four children who constantly have something to say, need (but most of the time just want) something, and just want to have fun all of the time. I love my kids and I love God for giving them to me. So far my wife and I have gone through some challenges, looking back we were probably a tad bit dramatic about them. Okay, I was a huge drama queen about them, but this week has proven the hardest of all. My wife and I have been hustled. The con-man: Anna. She has played us and now the Anna goggles have come off. If you've read my post about Anna previously you know how good of a sleeper she is. You know that she is a quite child that obeys to a point of disbelief (hint, hint).
This week hell has opened up in Anna and Lily's bedroom, and what's more shocking is Lily wasn't the one doing the digging. About a week and a half ago Anna hurt her fingers, nothing major, just a good pinch. The fingers weren't swelled, not red, and she could and can move them. No big deal, right?
About two days after this Anna was going to bed and started crying (sort of unusual) within ten minutes of the beginning of tears came the screaming. The kind of screaming that could give Lily a run for her money. This went on for about an hour. The next night came around and the same thing happened. The next day it happened at nap time and bed time. The next she was in a fit all day long (no exaggeration here). It has been going on since everyday. The same scream that manages to boil my blood and chill my core day after day after day.
My wife and I have since become excellent candidates for Rogaine, or hair implants, or just hats... We have become patchy bald people of our own doing. However, with this said last night my genius wife I believe has figured this new pattern out. At three in the morning when Anna awoke screaming again my wife simply asked if I had seen Anna sucking on her fingers lately. To clarify, Anna sucks on her two middle fingers for comfort. Anytime the girl gets the slightest bit sleepy the fingers go straight into her mouth. And these two fingers just happen to be the same as the fingers she hurt.
Do not get me wrong, Anna is still screaming, though it does seem to be easing up (please God let it be easing up), but the simple fact that we actually have a decent reason to why this is happening is immensely relieving. My wife after posing this theory rolled over and proceeded to try and go to sleep, she missed the roof opening, the clouds parting and a beam of the most awesomest light ever shining down on us. It was the greatest epiphany I have ever witnessed.
Now as I was saying earlier Anna has played us. I am not referring to this screaming. Anna has lost her comfort device and I can sympathize and understand her pain now. No, Anna's con comes from the fact that the greatest sleeper that I thought the world has ever known is only sleeping about half the time we thought she was. Anna has been silently climbing out of her crib for almost a year now and playing. I know this because I went to check on her and she had fallen asleep on the floor. I know it's been about a year now because of strange things that would happen in their room, like toys moving and clothes out. Just enough to say "did I leave those there when I put the girls to bed..." What's more is this explains some of Lily's behavior. I'm not saying that Lily isn't still the biggest stinker in the house, just in different ways. Lily is incredibly jealous and I can only imagine what it would be like to watch her big sister playing around while she had to sit in bed.
Sadly through the course of this week Lily has learned to climb out now too. Pray for us. Lily is the sort that makes you want to lock your own bedroom door and pray for morning...
Out of this whole week the only thing I've been able to laugh at came from Lily. After a couple of days of this screaming Lily had had it and told Anna to "JUST STOP IT ALREADY!!!"
On a more positive note, I'm thinking about recording Anna and Lily's screams for Halloween or Horror movie soundtracks. I just don't know if the world's ready for it though...

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