The NWS has issued a Jack watch for the following...

My wife's hobby is organic cooking, and while I love the benefits it can send us all over the place looking for "the best stuff". Our latest journey led us to Trader Joe's. I'm not an aficionado of grocers but it was a cool little place, my wife seemed happy with it and she got most of the stuff on her list. Joe's is not large family friendly however, their shopping carts are small, and their lanes are super tiny. So on occasions like this I try to help out by taking three of the kids out to the car while my wife finishes checking out.
Jack, Anna, and Max came with me out to the van in a lite drizzle. They are always inquisitive to where their mother is so I told them where she was and that she would be joining us very shortly (they didn't ask about Lily...). I handed out some graham crackers (again Lily was with her mother so they were just crackers and not f******) and proceeded to keep my eyes peeled for the exit of my wife.
Ah yes, the race to pick your wife up at the grocery shops door. The time clock of how long she'll wait, finding the best parking spot to provide the best view of the door. But this was put on hold as the drizzle became a hail storm with a tornado watch. At first the rain just had the kids interested, it was coming down pretty good. But then all hell broke loose. BANG!!!... BANG!!! BANGBABANGBANGBABANG!!! The slightly bigger than quarter size hail came down and Jack came undone. The only thing I heard for the next ten minutes was NOOO!!! NO!!!! WHERE'S MOMMY!!! NO STORM!!!! I totally get why he was scared it was crazy, but once again Anna got the gold medal for excellence. Anna sat there eating her graham cracker like it was a sunny day.
The funny thing was that I checked the weather before we left, and while there was rain on the way it was not developed. In hindsight the only thing I could have done different was bring noise cancelling headphones. I am now seriously convinced that our Honda is possessed and misfortune follows it around.

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