Raising the 4 Horsemen

Parenting children can bring healthy challenge to a young father. Passing on our knowledge, praying it's wisdom, can be rewarding in so many ways. The blessings our children give us stay with us all our lives. Little ones shape us, change us, and... Well that's what I've heard anyway. So far the challenges I've faced are usually in dominance, rather what a wolf pack might go through. Knowledge has been passed down, and passed down, and passed down. Knowledge has been passed so much I feel like it's gas, it apparently stinks and is a good excuse for them to leave the room. 
My name is Erik, I am about to leave my twenties and I have four children, four years and under to push, pull, and prod me out of them. I have an unbelievably patient and awesome wife who is the only reason I am still alive. Anything the children have learned that is worthy of retaining my wife has passed on to them. My children, who will be the main subject of this blog, are named Jack who is four, Anna who is three, Lily who is two, and Max our seven month old.
I will make a simple request to you as you read these stories. Please understand I love my children. I am absolutely crazy head over heels for my kids. That's the reason I am writing, if I get to have this much fun (sometimes in hindsight) you should be able to share in it. 

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