Manna tastes like Manna

Up till two months ago, for the last six years I have had a migraine almost everyday. I had tried almost everything to figure out what was going on. The doctors tried preventative medicine and muscle relaxers, chiropractors tried adjustments and supplements, and I've tried every over-the-counter drug, exercise, and home remedy that I could find. Finally my wife  did some research and found the answer with a cold twist. It was the food I'd been eating. Hormones in chicken and things like soy sauce were causing almost all these problems. My wife changed our meals and the ingredients used to make them and went organic. I wont lie, I miss white all purpose flour, and I cry myself to sleep when I remember the taste of refined sugar. When I remember the migraines however, I quickly forget about the way food used to taste. The children however have differing opinions on organic food. Jack seems to have the strongest. The other day my wife made some pumpkin bread and chocolate brownies with a organic sweetener called sucanant. As soon as I put it in my mouth all I could taste was wheat. My wife proceeded to tell me how she herself had thought it tasted funny and when the children ate it Jack almost cried. I remembered that my son loves wheat bread. Using a little trickery I told Jack that it was wheat bread and he gobbled it up. I felt triumphant, until I realized we didn't have any real brownies...

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