Blessed are the quiet...

When I say I have four children I should really say I have four personalities. I guess I could say that, but then people would probably find an excuse to get away from me, or ask "and which one am I speaking to now?" I've told you about Jack and Lily so far, but you have yet to learn of Anna or Max. Jack and Lily (or the "twins" as I call them) demand a lot of attention because of their mischief or energy. Anna however is a different story altogether. Anna is our "Thank you God" child, as in bedtime, or obeying, or playing. My wife and i often joke that if we didn't go and wake Anna up, she'd never get up: "Thank you God." When it comes to obeying the rules Anna wins the prize on that too. She figured out it was easier to obey than to be disciplined at an early age: "Thank you God." Last but not least, she is the quietest of the four by at least 100 decibels. "THANK YOU GOD!!!" So to Anna, Thank you. Thank you for being able to restore my hope in small children. Most of all thank you for being quiet!

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