Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for Kids!

Have you ever seen Donnie Darko? Well the rabbit costume in that movie must be what my wife imagines the Easter bunny to really look like. She really has to believe that over-grown rabbit is out to get her.
I take you back to the Easter we had only Jack and Anna. My wife and I were just sitting down and relaxing after we had put the kids down for their nap. There was a knock at the door and who should it be but the Easter bunny, no just kidding, it was my parents. They had stopped by to give the Jack and Anna their Easter baskets. It was bad timing though as the kids had just laid down so they left the baskets and started on their way back to their car. As they were getting ready to pull out of our drive I remembered something and ran out to stop them. After catching them and fulfilling whatever task I had, I mentioned they should come back after the kids got up so they could enjoy their grand kids getting their gifts. They agreed and went on their way. As I walked back into the house my eyes went wide and mouth dropped open. There on the couch sat my wife eating the large chocolate bunny from one of the children's baskets. "What are you doing!?" I said in a shocked voice (not at all a squeaky high pitched voice that I would be embarrassed about). She then proceeded to explain that it was way too much chocolate for the kids and she was just "helping" them in her own way. After my eyes stopped rolling I explained that my parents would be coming back over to watch the kids open their baskets. My wife's eyes popped! "Well, you have to call them and cancel!", "The house isn't clean!", "What are we going to do!", were some of the protests and pleadings I heard in the span of about thirty seconds. 
I then suggested that I go out and find a chocolate bunny like the one my wife had just consumed and put it in the basket. My wife looked relieved and I headed out on my mission.
However I must admit to be a double agent. As I was purchasing the bunny I called my mom and told her what happened. After she finished cracking up I told her what I wanted her to do when they came back over to our house later. She agreed and I arrived back at the house to present my wife with the decoy (or from my perspective, the Trojan horse). 
My parents arrived just a little after the kids had got up and after all the usual grandparent greetings had been performed out came the Easter basket. As the kids opened up the baskets my mother donned a confused look on her face and said "That's not the same chocolate rabbit that was in there." My wife's face went beat red. I explained what happened and we all had a good laugh, unfortunately I did most of my laughing on the couch that night. 

Speaking of my wife, she has a blog too. Where I focus on the crazy things that have happened to us as a family she shares what changes and things we've learned along the way (some might call it something of value, but I'm not keeping score... 2-6). Check it out at Ramblings of a Wife and Mommy.

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